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We connect HR professionals, instructional designers, universities, LMS, trainers, coaches and consultants, Learning & Development specialists, and edtech startups.

It’s time to start a dialogue about the Future of Learning and Development in Germany, skills shortage and innovation in corporate education.

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We help you shape your L&D and eLearning Strategy, find a trainer/coach or LMS that fits your needs


A strong community of HR and L&D professionals, instructional designers, universities, trainers, coaches and consultants, and edtech startups who care about the future of Learning in Germany


Regular events, workshops, and education-specific conferences


We believe that L&D field is becoming increasingly important and it is no longer just 'nice to have', but an important amplifier that helps a company to move faster. When it's done well, L&D accelerates the entire organisation and has direct ROI.

Berlin has the potential to become one of the global L&D capitals due to its diverse environment, technological innovation and strategic location. We have an amazing community of L&D and Edtech professionals here and we should use this opportunity to further connect.

We love technology and want to connect further with startups in VR, AI and learn how we can integrate it in our work and make corporate learning better, more interactive and effective!

We aim to become THE platform of learning & development in Berlin.

Topics we love

  Gamification in Education


  Personalised & inclusive learning

  New Work

  Effective communication in diverse teams

  Corporate Innovation

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