After the summer break, BerLearn is ready to get back into action and bring you more insightful educational events! This week we are going to take a sneak pick into Google’s approach to talent development with Max Silin!

How to embed life-long learning into company’s core DNA and successfully maintain organisational ‘s learning culture? How can coaching accelerate your employees’ growth, reduce turnover and increase innovation? What secret sauce is Google using to remain the world’s one of the most innovating company’s where it’s hard to get hired into and also hard to leave? These and many other questions will be asked at our engaging and audience-driven firesidechat.


Max Silin

Executive MBA Candidate at the University of Cambridge. Born and raised in Kazakhstan. Lived and worked in 4 countries across 3 continents. Started his career in IT in 2003. Today Max works as a Sales Manager for Google out of the London office, responsible for a $XX million/quarter portfolio, developing relationships with the key AdTech partners in EMEA. He is actively contributing to Google’s corporate culture and talent development efforts through workshops, interviewing, and coaching. Max is a mentor at Google for Startups Accelerator (Africa). He is interested in investing and entrepreneurship. Fond of public speaking, rock climbing, and winter sports (skating, skiing, snowboarding, hockey). Father of a lovely 1-year old.

You can learn more about Max below:

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