We are excited to welcome a leading team of global L&D leaders from HelloFresh, Blinkist, Philipp Morris and Ex-SimilarWeb! This event is powered by Elevation and will discuss the role of L&D professionals in business success:

  • How do you ensure that your L&D department not only supports the upskilling and re-skilling of employees but also acts as a strategic business partner that drives success of the organisation?
  • What value and knowledge L&D professionals bring to an organisation many executives simply do not understand or are not aware of?

In this event, brought to you by BerLearn and powered by Elevation, we will have amazing speakers from all over the world to answer these questions and challenge the status quo of organizational and business development.

Join us and get your ticket now!

Elevation is changing the face of corporate training by offering over 100 innovative data, product, and code pieces of training and evaluations that will deliver measurable reports and real-life, business-centered skills assessments and optimization. Moving up from completion-based L&D to data driven and proof-based skill development – We provide the total solution to your tech up-skill or re-skill challenges and make sure that your company stays ahead of the tech curve.


Avi Snir

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Gudrun Leibl

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Aleks Sibilia

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Dan Valach

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Vanessa Crube

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