What is a Peer-to-Peer Learning? How do I introduce it in my company? What re the benefits of it and how does it support knowledge transfer and upskills my employees?

The main points of discussion are:

Peer-to-peer learning (case study by Marley Spoon)

– What is peer-to-peer learning? Why is it important?

– Case study: how we implemented peer-to-peer learning program at Marley Spoon (successes and failures)

– Discussion about other ways to support peer-to-peer learning in organizations


Venla Hakunti:

Venla Hakunti is HR Business Partner focusing mainly on Learning & Development at Marley Spoon. She specialises in organizational development, leadership development and remote work in her current role and runs regularly remote trainings on different topics including feedback, intercultural communication and leadership development. Venla holds a Master’s degree in Intercultural Business Communication and has been working for the past 12 years across agency, e-commerce and non-profit industries. Venla is passionate about the future of work, agile HR, combining career with family life, power of coaching and cross-functional teamwork and design sprints. She has previously worked i.a. as Head of Training and HR at AJ&Smart, as Software Project Manager and Team Lead in Category Management nu3 and earlier in her career she also worked in several projects for Nokia (after all she comes from Finland).


Eeva Toivanen

Eeva Toivanen is an Instructional Designer at Takeaway.com and BerLearn Community Manager. She loves to co-create fun learning experiences with and for the learners. Eeva strives to see a more efficient and happy working life and more autonomous and innovative employees.

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